Shad is a fun, platform-style 3D game.

I made Shad with four other very talented people as part of the Interactive Graphics course at Stanford. We were the runners-up at Stanford's annual game design competition.


Shad features complex physics simulation.

Rigid body dynamics
Rigid Body

Realistic rigid-body dynamics are made possible thanks to the BULLET™ open-source physics engine.

Cloth physics

Shad features custom cloth simulation. Each cloth is simulated as a particle grid constrained by multiple layers of damped harmonic oscillators. Gravity, aerodynamic drag and wind allow the cloth to behave in a realistic manner.


Shad features striking custom art and psychedelic effects, accompanied by a custom soundtrack.

Motion blur and bloom
Motion Blur and Bloom

Bloom lends a soft glow effect to lights, recreating a neon effect. Meanwhile, teleporting creates a psychedelic distorting effect, implemented using motion blur.

Procedurally generated lightning
Procedural Lightning

Shad features lightning as an obstacle. Each lightning bolt is generated procedurally and is random, so that it looks different every time.

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