By Aeromodelling Club

Design a glider which will have a Maximum Range and Time Of Flight when released vertically downwards with a zero velocity from a height of approximately 10 meters.

Rules and Regulations:

  • The glider will be released by a member of the organizing team to ensure uniformity.
  • The judging criterion will be the range and time of flight of the glider.
  • Each team will be given three chances and the best out of three will be considered for final judgement.
  • Participant can make any changes to the glider, but can't use another glider.
  • Limited Number of teams will be allowed to participate from each Pool. So, register yourself as soon as possible.
  • The materials (Balsa wood, Adhesives etc.) required for the glider will be provided by the organizers. Participants are free to use any other materials to fabricate Glider.
  • Gliders should be handmade. Readymade models are strictly not allowed.

Team Specifications:

  • A team must consist of minimum 3 members.


  1. Abhineet Gupta           abhiji@iitk.ac.in     9452961625
  2. Atul Nipane                 nipane@iitk.ac.in   9889914818
  3. Mitul Kumar Sonker    mitul@iitk.ac.in      9795108655