Game Programming

By Programming Club

Design any 2D or 3D game in software of your choice. The game might be a single player or a multi player game.

Rules and regulations

  • No form of copying from the net is acceptable.
  • If there is any inspiration/copying done then that should be clearly mentioned in a report.
  • The code/action script should be submitted before the display of the games.
  • Questions would be asked related to the action script so the team should be ready to answer.

Team specifications

  • Teams of 2-4 members will be accepted.

Judging criterion

  • Graphics
  • Gamer's Choice
  • Innovation
  • Other Features

Register here

Registration closes 11:59 pm, 16th September


  1. Abhilash Jindal           (+91)9889914733
  2. Diptarka Chakravarty    (+91)9956818044