Astro Events

By Astronomy Club

Astro Quiz

All of us look up to the sky. All of us love gazing into the night sky wondering what great mysterious and beautiful things lay in the infinite cosmos. Ever wondered about things like how big are other stars compared to sun, how stars are mapped or plotted, how many servicing missions did 'Hubble' have? Do you think you really know about stars, planets and whatever that lies out there? Come along and rack your brains in the TAKNEEK ASTRO QUIZ.


The quiz will be held in two stages prelims and finals. The prelims will consist of some elementary questions on astronomy and space exploration. Teams will be selected from the prelims for the finals. The finals will be an elaborate on stage quiz with very CATCHY rounds.

Event details

Date: Saturday, 19th September
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: L8
Registration: On the spot

Star Hunt

Fed up of hunting earthly things like treasures and hidden transmitters. It's time to go way beyond all these, it's time we start hunting stars.

You would be given a telescope, a star map, and will be asked to point a specified list of stars in the scope. The students can participate individually or form teams of a maximum of three members. We encourage the beginners to form teams rather than individual participation.

This event requires prior registration. There are limited number of telescopes; and limited number of slots. Can you afford to miss the opportunity?

Event details

Date: 18th, 19th and 20th September (on slot basis)
Time: 8:00pm onwards
Venue: SAC


Send a mail to with the subject "Star Hunt"

Article Galore

Do you think you know a lot about something in astronomy or space exploration or do you have a flair for writing article writing and can put enough research into your article? This is the perfect time to unravel your talent.

We invite articles on any topic in Astronomy or Space exploration. Articles can be information based/history based, theoretical or explanatory in nature.

The best three articles will get an opportunity be published in the Astronomy Club magazines issue for this semester.

Articles could be about one to two pages long when written in times new roman size 14.

Last date for entries: 6.00pm, 19th September, 2009

Articcle Submission

You can submit your article in either of the following ways:

  1. Mail to with the subject "Articles Galore"
  2. Submit the hard copies to any of the Coordinators of Astronomy Club (contact information is available here)