Final Results

In the first competition of its kind, we present Takneek, the intra-IITK Science and Technology Championship. A competition in which all the halls in IIT Kanpur shall participate to see which hall, in the end, receives the coveted trophy. Takneek will comprise of three days packed with a great variety of tech events, ranging from the intensely time-taking fields of robotics and aero modelling to fun competitions like foxhunt. So, people, get your mental circuits whirring at top speed, and start developing algorithms right on. Because in a competition of the best, only the awesome win...

Points Break-up

Competition Pools

Pool A: Hall 2, Hall 1, GH-2, Hall 7
Pool B: Hall 3, Hall 9, Hall 8
Pool C: Hall 5, GH-1, Hall 10, Hall 4, Others (includes SBRA).