Test your knowledge of astronomical facts in this exciting quiz contest. Lots of goodies at stake.


In L4, watch several documentaries on stellar evolution, black holes, and the history and progress of telescope making.

Here Comes The Sun

Ever thought of looking at sun through a telescope? Well, don’t try it yourself but we are here to show you the sun with proper safety measures.

Star Party

There will be a global Star Party. Observe stars, planets, nebulaes, etc—and, of course, party all night!

Lectures, Talks and Workshops

“You Can See But Can You Observe” talk by Dr. Pankaj Jain.

Lecture on “Looking At The Heavens: A Physicists Point Of View” by Dr. Kaushik Bhattacharya.

Telescope Handling and Star Hopping Workshop

Astro-Photography Workshop